Frequently Asked Questions

What model drone do you fly?

I currently operate a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum quadcopter.   It's equipped with a 4k video/12mp still camera, GPS navigation, and an anti collision beacon to help other aircraft avoid it while flying.

How high can you fly?

The aircraft is capable of flying very high, but in the US I'm limited to 400ft above ground level in most areas.

How far can you fly?

4 miles from the operator is the maximum distance, however I'm required to keep it in sight at all times, so I fly quite a bit closer.

How long can you fly?

A fully charged battery gives me about 20 minutes of flight time, less if it's windy.   I carry multiple batteries for extended projects.

Why should I work with you?   My nephew has a drone...

Fair question - Many consumer model drones are capable of taking the same images I do and have become easier to fly with each new model.   I've been flying for 4 years, and I've earned a Part 107 certification from the FAA - this let's me legally fly commercial projects (they define this as anything that might earn money)

I've shot dozens of real estate and advertising projects, and have honed my skills to get the right shot with the right look, acquired legally.   

How much do you charge?

This one's tough.   I price every job individually, enough to cover my time and any travel that might be involved - I enjoy flying and want to offer a good product at a fair price.   I've talked to similar services in the upstate area, and my pricing is consistently less than you'd pay elsewhere in the region.  To receive an estimate, reach out to me at

How do I get my photos?  What can I use them for?

Unless we arrange otherwise, all photos and videos are sent via a Google Photos album.   Photos are licensed to the customer for their personal or commercial use, additional licensing by third parties is available on request.

What's the coolest pic you've taken?

That's easy - while flying a real estate project in Springfield, NY, an immature bald eagle flew near the drone.   I maneuvered away but continued recording - later when I was editing I found a few frames of the eagle giving me a fly-by