Eric Pierce

Aerial Video

& Photography

About Me

Based in Cooperstown, New York, I've been photographing the area for over 30 years. In 2018 I added a drone to my camera bag and now offer aerial photos and videos to the local market. Whether you are selling a property, want to promote your business or need images of something just out of reach, let's chat and see if I can help.

What I Do

Using an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS, aka Drone), I take high resolution photos and video of your property or event. Working within FAA rules and local law, I can fly in most areas up to an altitude of 400ft, covering large areas in a single shot. Stitching those images together can offer high resolution panoramic experiences for your website or social media. I have earned an FAA Part 107 certificate, allowing me to fly commercially, certificate copy included with completed work.

Events & Attractions

Seasonal events and fall color look great from the air. One of our favorite local events, the Fly Creek Valley Corn Maze, is spread over 8 acres, and is best appreciated from the air.

Real Estate

Nothing helps sell a beautiful property like high quality imagery. Give potential buyers a birds-eye view, and show features or placement that might not be noticed from the ground.


We live in a truly beautiful area, and showcasing that beauty from a different perspective can make your business stand out.


Ever wonder what your property looks like from a different angle? Let's look!