Cooperstown Area Photo Booth Rentals

The Back Story -

My wife and I were planning to get married, and looking for fun ideas for the reception. She went to a wedding and they featured a photo booth at the reception.   Chatting with the guy setting it up, she asked him about the booth, how it worked and pricing, filed it away, and mentioned it when she got home.

We laughed over the idea, but she mentioned a few times how much fun the guests had with the photo booth.  I looked around the internet to see what was involved, and quickly found that:
  1. Photo Booths are really neat
  2. Renting a Photo Booths can be really expensive
  3. With a little ingenuity, building a Photo Booth is a fun project that every groom should take on just before the wedding...

Our Booth - 

Our booth is self contained, with minimal space and power requirements, and setup/teardown take under a half hour. Our booth can be installed most anywhere, in several different configurations to fit your space and needs, and can be easily customized.

What it does - 

Like a traditional photo booth at the local Woolworths, our booth gives guests a chance to let their hair down and have fun.   The booth provides audio and visual cues to the guest on screen, as well as a live shot of what the camera is seeing.   5..4..3..2..1 and the shot is taken, followed by 2-3 more depending on how we've set it up.  

The photographs are automatically assembled into a montage which can include custom graphics or a message, and printed on a high quality printer.   Photos print quickly, and the guest picks them up as they leave the booth.

Included - 

  • Unlimited use of the booth for the duration of your event
  • Photo prints for your guests as they leave the booth
  • Digital copies of photos after your event for your use

Options - 

  • Custom printed graphics - add a custom message or image to the guests printed photos (additional fee)
  • Props
  • Custom Colors/Decorations for the booth
For More Information -

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